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  1. @TheDanBob Can't believe I missed that. Thanks! When changing passwords on a website, the browser plugin (safari 12) asks to update the password, but the prompt disappears almost instantly so after updating a password, I couldn't update the database and I had to go trough the password reset procedure. I've encountered a few crashes as wel but I submitted the crash report so hopefully this will improve soon.
  2. Hi, I'm very excited that enpass 6 is finally here! I can't wait to start using multi-vault functionality. I do have some comments, the iOS app upgrades autmoatically and loses all sync settings without any warning. This left me in an uncomfortable situation as I couldn't immediately get all sync settings but I needed my passwords. Also the new enpass seems to lack certain features that were available in the old app, but perhaps I didn't search well enough. What I can't find is how to change the password recipe from using symbol separated words to something else. When I changed one password, I couldn't find the previous version of the passwords anymore.
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