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  1. Hello, So turns out the issue was with the theme, I am using papirus icon theme (epapirus), which does not have the enpass panel icons, can you provide us these icons? Thank you.
  2. Hello, i am on ubuntu 18.04, i just did update, i am on 6.0.1, No change yet, i still get the big blue and white icon. Thank you
  3. Hello, I have done that, it still does not change, i see the white blue icon. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Can you please look into this. Thank You.
  5. Hello, Thanks for the enpass 6 update, Its awesome!! Congratulations to the whole team. I have a small problem with the tray icon, i have enabled "use dark tray icon" under customize, and restarted the app as well, but the dark icon does not activate. Also is the dark icon, black and white like the previous version of enpass (it was similar to the other icons you see on the attached image). Thank You.
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