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    WEbDav Problems

    uninstalling enpass 6 once more (and all of the related folders) and reinstall it again solved my problem this way: took one backup file from EP5 and after installing EP6 the second time I told EP to take the backup and not the webdav folder. AFTER the backup came up completley I connected it with the webdav folder on my synology. This gave me the advice I needed:
  2. Hello Deyvison, YOU made my day, man! After a long way of trouble I found your advice. And after reinstall and (fortunately I had one) using a backup file, everything went fine! Thank you so much! thanks a ton from Bonn Thorsten
  3. thwbn

    WEbDav Problems

    What a shame: ENPASS! It ist NOT possible to export JSON form EP5! EP6 can import JSON! But if you import csv / txt file it will NOT organize it! And if there were no other EP5 version to export csv BEFORE installing EP 6 then.... you will loose your passwords? Is this real??? So I had to export from another PC to csv and had to import to EP6 as unorderd list of passwords. Almost 500... At least I bought EP6 pro to check if there is a way to import the older wallet db: but there is non as well! Dark mode won't work on my PC... by the way ! Shame on you again Enpass to bring such a alpha version to the people! I guess I will leave enpass now in order to miss the same kind of trouble and work when it come to V7! Still can not understand that and still very sad and angry !
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