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  1. Hey Anshu! Thank you for the quick reply. I have updated the search option and selected Title Only however I appear to be be having the same issue. Let me know if there's anything else that you could think of that could be causing this. Thank you!
  2. I've been using enpass for quite some time now as my main password manager however as of recently I appear to be having the occasion issue with searching. Every so often I will try to search for a password and enpass will suddenly freeze (at times for more than 60 seconds). I am currently running the latest version of enpass and have a pretty fast computer with SSD drives and plenty of ram. I have a little over 600 items in my enpass manager. I've also noticed that this started happening since the release of enpass with attachment support. I do not store any attachments on my enpass. Is this a known issue and or is there anything that can be done to help prevent this from happening?
  3. Hello, As of recently I'm having issues autofilling some sites such as RBC and WHM/cPanel. When I go to autofill on the site I am giving with a list of items that are not for that site. If I find the item in the list it still does not autofill. I've read somewhere else that someone else was having the same issues and you mentioned that this would be fixed in the next version. I just wanted to also state that I'm having the same issue. Hopefully this gets resolved shortly. Thank you!
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