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  1. Still no consistency in behavior. Sometimes I get autofill + auto-login, sometimes I get autofill with no login, sometimes I get no autofill but with auto-login, and sometimes I get neither autofill nor auto-login. I've gotten all 4 different behaviors on the same site. I just deal with it now, but it doesn't make me feel good about having paid for the software.
  2. Anshu, I haven't been able to replicate the issue with any sort of consistency, but I will start taking notes today. Thank you for your concern!
  3. Autofill in Chrome on macOS via Shortcut Key is working more often than not for me, but there are still several times per day where it does not and I have to click the icon. I receive no warnings or indication that something is amiss, but I've grown used to it and just click the icon straight away. It's annoying.
  4. I had a similar solution as donoftime, except I didn't even have to enter the keybinding! I viewed the Extension Options page by right-clicking the Enpass icon in the toolbar and clicked Options. After that, the shortcut worked perfectly.
  5. The browser-specific shortcut key wasn't doing anything until I viewed the page you described. Weird! Thanks!
  6. My app, browser, and extension are all up to date and I have similar issue as OP. - Every time I hit the new shortcut key (can we get the old one back?), the assistant pops up, despite having "Autofill details without showing Enpass assistant". - Sites that were autofilling w/v5 are no longer found without manual searching the assistant. - If I double-click a known login, a new tab is opened every time. Whatttttt is happpennninng.
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