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    Downgrade to 5.6.9?

    Hi, thanks for providing the commands. Immediate outcome is, that the apps window now fits the screen, fonts are still tiny, not possible to read. I am using Budgie, no modifications, apart from screen resolution I reduced to 1600x900 from 1920x1080. When I put the resolution back to 1920x1080 the fonts are much bigger in Enpass strangely enough - as in: text is readable. All the above does not change the problem with the browser extension, which is not usable at all - too small window, no content. Again, can you please provide the link to the previous version? I cannot with the current setup. Thanks.
  2. slerm

    Downgrade to 5.6.9?

    Hi, thanks for quick response. I do not have a computer icon and I have no clue where to set the environment variables. Quite frankly, I really don't want to fiddlearound a kill the rest of the machine. I am using Gnome 3.28.2 if that is any help. Can you please provide the link to the previous (working) version? Thanks!
  3. Hi, after I installed the new v6.0, nothing works as expected anymore (on Ubuntu 18.04), leaves this version pretty useless. Can you please provide a link to go back to the previous version, I guess this is really important until you provide bug fixes for version 6. In short, these are the things that do not work anymore (guess you know these already): - wrong scaling, window too bid, fonts are tiny, not possible to read - extensions do not work anymore, popup doesn't show any content - automatic sync doesn't work anymore Thanks!
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