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  1. Support .well-known change-password URL in enpass (e.g. button in enpass that direct open the password change site).

    Sites that implemented this feature, redirect the user to the password change website with the well known change password url.


    This is already supported in safari and chromes native password managers.





    And the cleantalk antispam protection is the worst i've ever seen, submitted this x times.

  2. Hello,

    is it possible to describe the format how enpass generates the share link/file (enpasscard://share?data=XY&tag=XY, *.enpasscard) ?

    I have a tools that generates wordpress instances and then in want to import the login for a generated instance without manually copy and paste user password and url, the best way i found is using the share link.

    Unfortunatly i dont know how i can generate this link by myself with a custom PSK without using enpass. (The data is base64 encoded and probably aes256-cbc encrypted but where is iv stored or is salt used)



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