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  1. Hi, @ericr3r thanks for this hint, I managed to fix it with this. The rule is a regex, so you can get it still working like this: for_window [title="^Enpass$"] move container to workspace $ws7 Greetings
  2. Hi, I am using the tiling window manage i3. I have a few workspaces (1-9) between which I switch via hotkeys. Windows are handled a bit different and each window is assigned to a workspace. After updating to Enpass6, I opened it on workspace 9. I also see the tray icon now in my polybar (also some custom menu bar app). When I'm on a different workspace now (for example 2) in the browser and click on the enpass browser extension icon, nothing happens. This is because the context window of Enpass (which shows all matching logins) is now opened on workspace 9 where the original enpass a
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