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  1. For me, I fixed it by updating my Ubuntu Cosmic, then Enpass would install and run. It didn't find my data on Google Drive, so I downloaded the wallet file from the Enpass folder and pointed the startup wizard to that, then resynced. All working here now :)
  2. Yeah, it ran through the "upgrading" process and I was able to login and setup sync, everything. Then when I finally managed to get 6.0.0 running on Ubuntu, it said it couldn't find any data on Google Drive, until I copied down the sync wallet from the Enpass folder (which I'm guessing now is the 5.x data), pointed the first start wizard at it and then relinking to Google Drive after that.
  3. @Vinod Kumar It was not me that couldn't find the data, Enpass itself said it could not find any data on my Google Drive during the initial sync. Given that I was able to install Enpass 6 on a different machine (Windows) before this one, that data should have been moved to the new location anyway.
  4. I fixed this -- I reinstalled Ubuntu (upgrading to Ubuntu Cosmic in the meantime) Then I was able to get 6.0.0 to start, but it would not detect any data on my Google Drive. So I downloaded the wallet file manually, and pointed Enpass to the local copy instead, and THEN synced it up to Google Drive.
  5. I have Enpass 5.6.0 on an Ubuntu machine (17.10) I wanted to upgrade it to 6.0.0 so I followed the download Instructions the application doesn't start. When attepting to run /opt/enpass/Enpass in console, it returns "Core Dumped" I've tried purging the application, removing everything I can find related to Enpass, and reinstall but it still core dumps. Any ideas?
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