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  1. Thank you donoftime for the advice, but it did not work out for me. Of numbers of tries, I figured out Enpass won't autofill for those entries that I manually saved. Autofill is working fine with those entries autosaved via 'autosaving new logins' I am very much doomed since most of my entries were input manually. I am afraid I might have to re-save everything with autosaving function. I hope developers soon find out and debug this.
  2. I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 10. The OS, the browser, the extension, and Enpass app are all up to date. Ever since I updated to the new version, the autofill started not working. The same problem happened on my iOS device, but it was solved as I reinstalled the app. I've tried reinstalling the app and the chrome extension on my PC too, but it won't still autofill the login entries even after I manually choose the login info from the extension. Any help?
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