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  1. Yes I very much agree: please consider changing this so that there is an option that the secondary vaults stays locked even after starting the program with the master password, until the secondary vault’s own password is entered. As things stand now, it’s not entirely clear to me why there’s any advantage whatsoever to the app’s ability to give a secondary vault its own password. On 11/12/2018 at 2:31 AM, Anshu kumar said: “For this, you can create a second vault and keep its sync disabled.” So perhaps the advantage is that I can share a secondary vault but my limited research in the manual has left me with the impression that sharing the 2nd vault requires sending both the 2nd and master passwords but maybe I’m wrong. Anshu, can you provide a simulated use example scenario showing, how things stand now, why the 2nd vault having its own password is useful? Just as the writer who started this post, I want to be able to segregate data. Ideally, not just in a separate vault but on a USB drive. I started to think that one (intended or otherwise) advantage of the app’s ability to give a secondary vault its own password, combined with the app’s ability to backup only selected vaults, would enable me to use the following not very desirable but still possible method to segregate data and keep it off my computer so that if I was somehow hacked, my most valuable passwords would not be exposed. Not sure how much of a concern that is but obviously, as things stand now, if my master password is compromised, everything else is too. Create sensitive data in a 2nd vault. Backup the vault to a USB drive. Erase the 2nd vault. When needed, restore the 2nd vault. Most secure would be to unclick the box enabling saving the 2nd vault’s password in the primary vault, because otherwise someone wanting access to my 2nd vault data could get it if they had possession of the USB drive and my master password, even if they didn’t have the 2nd vault password, but by unclicking that option they’d also need the 2nd vault password. That is my understanding but hard for me to know for sure because when I went to test this I was very surprised to learn that “restore” and “local storage” seem to be as of now only available at the initial install of the app. Restore backup into the Enpass v6 If you already have some data in v6, you need to erase everything (after taking a backup) from the Advanced settings of Enpass, or simply by uninstalling the Enpass on mobile devices. Now you will be on the first welcome screen of Enpass v6, choose to restore Existing Data from Backup File → Local Storage and locate the downloaded backup I very much hope the ability to restore without erasing everything is something that will be implemented soon! I hope that backup will eventually include the ability to selectively backup only new things created since the prior backup so that I can create a new secondary vault backup to a USB drive that combines those new things with the old things already on the USB drive, without having to restore or import the old things on the USB drive Empass first. Thank you.
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