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  1. Hi there, Thanks Vinod, I have carefully read diceware.html twice. I only have one last question: do you think "are you sure this is a good password or not" is a good password or passphrase? because I can do a lot of them and Enpass is always telling me that they're the strongest. My concern is that until now I relied on Enpass to test my passwords against it and it always told me that my passwords were strong enough and now the better is only "good" while the rest are weak. Best Regards, Alfredo.
  2. Hi Vinod, Thanks for replying, unfortunately for me, the page you redirect me to, have worsened things for me. I have come to the conclusion that if I only chose four words in Spanish or five to six words in English, not having them to be random at all (actually they can form an actual sentence, that is easier to remember) and test it against your password checker then it says these passwords are strong enough. Find below some examples that much the new level of security... see my point? Do you really think those passwords are good enough? English: what about you and me frea Is there any strongest p? Are you kidding me at all This is easy to rembember Spanish: tanto monta monta tanto a quien le importa (with a final space) No puede ser que sea Thanks in advance, Alfredo.
  3. Hi there, I'm also concern about the new password generator... I've been using enpass for a long time now and really never had the need to come to this forum before, until now. Why is that all passwords I've generated so far were categorized as strong by enpass and now are marked to be only weak or good at better... Can you please give an explanation to that? Br, Alfredo
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