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    restore from computer to iphone app

  2. After updating my iPhone and Windows computer to v6. How do I get my updated passwords to my iPhone? 1. No option in the iOS app for getting data from computer via ip number website link as in v5 2. Have been trying to sync from my Windows computer to iCloud. After entering iCloud credentials nothing happens ( Sync automatically opens in Internet Explorer, maybe it's the browser, doesn't seem to be an option to do the sync with Chrome or Firefox). If there was a link I could copy and paste I could try another browser. 3. Even if I get the sync to iCloud to work I'm not sure what will happen if I sync with my iPhone. Will it move the iCloud data to the iPhone or will it sync the outdated passwords from the iPhone to iCloud?
  3. dennisb

    restore from computer to iphone app

    In v5 you could use the ip number website link to update the data in the iPhone app to match the backup file on the Windows PC. I can't find that option in v6. Is that still possible or do I have to setup a sync to a cloud provider? Or is there another way? Thanks.