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  1. On 1/1/2019 at 5:56 PM, Hemant Kumar said:

    Hi guys

    Extremely sorry for the trouble. All the issues been noted and will be fixed asap in coming builds. Please bear with us.

    I can create new sub folder directly, why i need to create a tag with a long name for tag like"Customer 1:Office 365:A Login".

    This upgrading is the worst upgrading.

    Why not add tag as an additional function?Replace folder is not a good idea. 

    I know that tag is good for search and for management, however it's not good for tidy and folder is better.

    Why Windows and Linux and Mac and other all OS need folder function? 

    Hopes folders return!!!The best is folders withing tags!!!

    Best wish, and hopes Enpass Team can accept our idea.

    Please don't give up us who love folder management, we can't love tag replace folder, we can't accept it, in this period the oldversion is our choice, but we hopes upgrading we hopes newest.

  2. Give me old version, return my money!!!

    I hate the tags management method, return my folders.

    Lots of issues, exceed in the list:

    • The folders in the old version, but upgrade to 6.0 change to tags(i don't love tags replace folders directly, maybe add new funtion is better than replace folder)
    • Can't choose a folder(tag) direct, must type in the word
    • Sametimes can't migrate item to another folder(tag) by dragging
    • Folder(tag) can't migrate to another folder(tag) as it's sub folder(tag)
    • Export a library then import to another library, i found the folder(tag) tree is error, some same name folder in different tree node been merged.
    • The window size i changed to maximize but will been automatically resize to the init size.
    • I can't change the library name.
    • Sometimes i set a library password, but i can't open the library by the password.
    • I purchased the advance functions in Mac, so need to purchase it in any other platforms twice?
    • Automatically upgrade to 6.0 with biggest changes and without important notice, the biggest problem is i can't using old version now which that i love.


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