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  1. I have been using the new version 6 on Windows 10 for a few days and I have found the following issues: 1. The 'Duplicate' menu item (I recall that it was in the Edit menu) is now missing - or at least I can't find it. Has this feature been removed? 2. Password generator - the minimum number of words for pronounceable passwords is now 3. It used to be 2. A 3 word password is too long. Is this a bug or was the change intentional? 3. Custom logos - I like this new feature. However I have had some difficulty selecting the correct dimensions for an icon that will work properly. I have found by trial & error that an icon with an approx dimension of 200x200 pixels works pretty well. It would be nice if the required custom icon specification was in your manual. Also, after my experimenting I have collected quite a few icons that are the incorrect size and I would like to delete/remove. There is no option to do this. Please add the ability for the user to be able to also remove custom icons. 4. I am not keen on the blue/white colour scheme. Too flashy for me. I realize this is a matter of taste so it would be nice to be able to revert to a standard Windows theme. thank you.
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