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  1. Hello Vinod, you pointet me to the right direction! I use Sophos Home (Free) and here I need to log in to the management web interface and add the as exclude, then after I restart Firefox the Extension works. Btw. on Windows 7 the Sophos Home and Enpass works without this! Here are a screenprint where and how I add the localhost address:
  2. Hello Vinod, thank's for your fast reply! I already use the nex Extension 6.0.0 from the page you send the link above and here are the content of the log in the Firefox Browser Extension Settings: 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Connecting using websocket 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Opening connection on ws:// 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Connection opened 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Connection established on port 10391 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Message parsed successfully 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Greetings from Enpass 5.1.2019, 09:23:26 : Self Initiating srp. 5.1.2019, 09:2
  3. Hello, I try to use Enpass on a new HP Laptop with Windows 10 since Enpass Version 5.6, after the first Installation the Firefox Extension was working and connecting to the Enpass Application (Win32) but after a reboot it never works anymore (Enpass crashes when I try to start it). A few weeks later I retry now with Enpass 6 Win32 and then the Store Version with Firefox Extension --> No way to get it connected! After a lot of reading and searching I found this commands to check if the Enpass application is enabled: C:\Users\HrK>netstat -ano | findstr 10391 TCP 127
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