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  1. This worked for me too. Initially I had tried just removing <notes></notes> which was the original recommendation but didn't fix it. Doing <notes /> as well fixes it. Just as a side note, TOTP from SafeInCloud does not properly import. It is easy enough to copy and paste it into the correct Enpass TOTP field though.
  2. Sorry, but Enpass Beta 6.06 still crashes when importing my SafeInCloud XML file.
  3. Ronny, Your suggestion allowed some more items to be imported but it still crashed. I've been having a problem with the forum's "Spambot" protections so haven't been able to reply. Enpass support finally got that fixed. They also said the problem with SafeInCloud imports has been fixed and the update will be available soon.
  4. Vinod, The language was set to US English and the file was exported as XML. As a side note... I have had a very hard time posting on this site. When I signed up, it wouldn't let me post because it said my email address was disposable. That was simply not true, I use a paid email service. Today, it wouldn't let me reply to you because it said my browser is a spambot which is also not true. In addition it says I am replying too quickly. This is not a good way to treat potential customers. Thanks
  5. I am a happy SafeInCloud customer but am considering switching to Enpass because it supports Linux and the SafeInCloud developer seems to have no interest in doing so. I tried importing my exported SafeInCloud XML file into Enpass 6.0.1. It crashes after importing only about 8 entries. When I say crash, i mean the Enpass just abruptly closes with no warning. Is there a fix for this?
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