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  1. Awesome Vinod! Thank you so much! I wasn't using a proxy, but I was using Sophos so I excluded as you suggested (sorry I didn't see that other post first). Does excluding that local IP from Sophos leave my computer vulnerable to virii? Thanks
  2. I've been getting "the Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app" with both Chrome and Firefox browser extensions since upgrading to enpass 6. When I am in the browser and I either click the enpass icon OR use the shortcut, the main enpass program launches, but eventually I get the error screen below in Firefox (and it never connects or accesses my passwords). Here's what I'm running Firefox extension v6 Chrome extension v6 Windows Microsoft store v6.0.2 Windows traditional v6.0.2 (not at the same time as the version above) Here's what I've trie
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