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  1. Any updates? I'm losing my confidence in EnPass now since I encounter situations where I can't access my passwords. Is EnPass looking into this?
  2. Having this issue again today, only with the Traditional version, UWP works. My region / language is set to Dutch / Nederland. I only have one layout configured and I never change it. Also copy/paste of the master password does not work.
  3. Is the enpass support team actually monitoring these forums or are they just here for fun?? (did't see the post above when I posted this...) This happened on my Dekstop PC with Windows 10 I have installed both Traditional and UWP Default language for my PC is Dutch, and so is the language for EnPass I do have special characters in my password I have not recently changed my password This are the files in my documents: extensions.db 9 kB onedrive.db 152 kB onedrive.db.sync 152 kB walletx.db 152kB walletx.db.sync 152 kB I use EnPass with the Edge plugin The strange thing is that this happened twice now, and after some time it just works again. Maybe locking and unlocking my computer fixed it, I don't know. Next time I'll try to find out. Last time the Desktop version was broken and the UWP version still unlocked so I did had access to my passwords. Also the plugin wouldn't unlock.
  4. And today I have this problem again: Enpass Windows Native app won't log me in. Lucky me: the UWP app still works. Same password. HELP!
  5. And now it works again. Don't know if/what I changed anything or I made a mistake before...
  6. This morning I tried to log in to an account using EnPass plugin for Edge but it didn't accept my Master Password. Same problem with the Windows UWP version on my desktop. Windows Mobile version stil works. How can this happen and how can I fix this? Luckily it still works on my mobile otherwise otherwise I would have no way to access any of my passwords.
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