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  1. So I switched to Bitwarden. Much better design (both UI and underlying logic), and it's totally free with all features if you host a server yourself (bitwarden_rs the rust server api implementation).
  2. Enpass version: Windows 10 1809 17763.1158 How to reproduce the bug: 1. Open an password field web page in Chrome (I'm using 81.0.4044.92) with Enpass extension installed: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/components/forms/ 2. Right click on the password field, click "Enpass". 3. Click generate password 4. Click fill 5. Open console in Chrome DevTools 6. run $('#exampleInputPassword1').val() to get the password just filled 7. compare it with password generator history, and it's different from what just filled! I reinstalled 6.4.0 and it works fine.
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