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  1. That did the trick, thanks! Re: "Tap on Sync Error, and you will get ..." it wasn't at all obvious to me that the red "Sync Error" message was a button! A suggestion: maybe edit the "resolution required" message to "resolution required, tap here", to clarify things for dullards like myself
  2. Cannot sync from the iOS version of Enpass v6.0.1 (199) (and earlier v6) using Dropbox. This is under iOS 12.1.2 9 (iPhone Xs). Dropbox authentication within the Enpass iOS app works just fine, but when the initial sync occurs for the primary vault it results in a red "Sync error / Conflict in syncing data with Dropbox. Resolution required." ID/Passwords checked, double-checked against other working Dropbox accesses, re-tried multiple times. Disconnecting and reconnecting do not work; same error occurs (even after force-closing the app). The iOS Enpass v6 otherwise works fine with its ex
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