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  1. 9 minutes ago, leumig said:

    For anyone interested, I wrote a quick script to convert the Enpass 6 JSON export into a CSV. I looked at Safe-in-Cloud but preferred something I can run locally (you just need Node.js)


    I only read in the basic logins, I don't use Enpass for creditcards, etc so I haven't tested for that. It's not perfect but I was able to successfully use it to migrate to Lastpass since V6 is too buggy

    I might come back if it gets better again




    leumig you're awesome! thanks for sharing this.

    do you know how to have the script getting the folder name of each entry?

  2. Just now, earl.grey said:

    i switched from Enpass 6 to LastPass.

    A friend switched to Safe in Cloud.

    Can both recommend over Enpass 6. Much better

    did you manage to export the passwords with the folder/tags details?

    i'm stuck with enpass because none of the exports carries that information and i have thousands of passwords organised that way, it's the most frustrating experience I ever with a software company

  3. Following the failure that is Enpass 6, i've decided to find a new password management solution...

    I could not export CSV from Enpass 6, so i had to pick up a old backup and restore it in Enpass 5, when i export it there to CSV it does not include any of the folder structure information.

    I have thousands of passwords that are organised into folders and I have to keep that structure, anyone has a solution?


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  4. after upgrading to 6.0 i've grown to really dislike the developers of this app, they could have been doing so many other things with their lifes yet they choose to pick a decent product and totally destroy it and lock us to Enpass 6... I got thousands of clients passwords in Enpass folders that I cannot export because no one takes JSON or TXT as import, i can't downgrade and i can't export CSV

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