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  1. Dear Enpass users, I've finally been able to get my Enpass (Win 10) syncing with my Google drive. Enpass had not been able to send me to any login page for either goog;e drive, iCloud, OneDrive etc. It turned out that the default application set for web access in Windows was Firefox. However, I did not have Firefox installed on my machine--so Enpass was waiting endlessly for Firefox to start. After changing the default web app to Chrome I was able to sync with Google drive. This is a big relief, as I was planning to get another password app. Regards, -Sameer
  2. I'm sorry to say that this has been a very poor upgrade. It works fine on Android, but faced huge problems on Windows 10 app. I was unable to sync to any cloud drive such as google drive, onedrive etc. The dotted circle just keeps going round and round and google drive does not open up. Ultimately I had to do a WiFi backup from phone to PC and then restore the backup on the PC. This means that the PC version is not realtime and I'll have to keep updating manually. I emailed the support email address and got a few replies but none were useful. Please bring Enpass 5 back to the Microsoft Store and do your testing better next time...
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