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  1. Hey @Kashish ! Thanks for the update, but could you please implement the "implicit confirmation" as others mentioned it already? You can do that with API lvl 29 (Android 10) as you can see here:
  2. Hi, with the Pixel 4 and some other phones we get phones without any fingerprint sensors, just Face Unlock (but not just camera based, it's similar to Face ID on the iPhone with IR). For an app to support that you have to use the BiometricPrompt API, and the Enpass on Android implementation looks (for my eyes) like it's using it for me (as it's this little window on the bottom on my Pixel 2 and looks exactly the same as with other apps using the better API) .. but when I asked the support by email they said it doesn't, so what API is it then? LastPass announced to switch to the Biome
  3. Hey @Vikram Dabas ! First of all: Nice update, the CPU usage is much better now and the new keyboard shortcut is awesome! It's also nice, that I can use the same extension for windows/linux/mac and chrome os, as the chrome sync often "forced" you to get both on every device, and not just the one needed for your specific device. Now there are only 3 "bigger" things for me left: 1. The notification that just doesn't go away, as mentioned earlier. As a workaround I just disabled notifications for Enpass in the Android settings, and it seams my Enpass is still working as it should, bu
  4. Hey Vikram, I noticed that there is a new beta for the extension and that it now works with the PC version and the Chromebook (Android/Play Store) App, which is awesome! Finally I don't need two enpass extensions (as Chrome is always syncing them), but when I right click the extension and click on "Options" I only get the keyboard shortcut option on the PC, not on my chromebook.. why? And I still can't use my arrow keys to navigate in the extension itself on chromebook, but still.. nice update! : )
  5. Oh god, I'm not the only one! I was wondering why my fan is so loud since some days, now I realised that it's Enpass and I wanted to report it here right now, and saw your comment! Especially when I wake up my Chromebook from suspend, my fan is spinning at 100% for ever, because Enpass is using 100% of the CPU for ever, if I don't reboot my Chromebook! And the Chromebook is getting really really hot! @Vikram Dabas Please fix this fast, the other bugs are just small ones but this one hurts the battery very hard and it's also not great to have my fan's spinning at 100% for ever after suspen
  6. One more feedback: Sometimes, when I wake up my chromebook I get a connection error website from the enpass extension, there I can just wait a few sec longer and it automatically disappears or I click on connect. Maybe you could let the extension wait a few sec longer before opening this error page? It's currently annoying, at basically every restart of my chromebook I get this error page for 3-4 sec..
  7. You need to opt in to the Android Beta of Enpass. Just go to the Enpass Page in the Play Store, there you can find a button to opt in. Now download Enpass via the Play Store on your Chromebook and the Beta extension linked above and enjoy Enpass!
  8. Is it normal that there is always a notification "Enpass Autofill Service, click here to connect"? Bit annoying to always have this 1 in my taskbar
  9. And another 2 bug: 1. When I click on the cards tab there is one card "behind" the tabs on the bottom, but it's the last one and the extension does not allow me to scroll down to show it entirely: You can see that it's not fully visible, but I can't scroll down to see the complete card! 2. When the "safe" is getting locked after a minute or so the extension is getting visible again, which is a bit annoying. (Only happens when you unchecked "lock on leaving")
  10. And I've found a bug if you want to say so: When I start my chromebook and click on the extension to autofill, I'm asked for the password and when I typed it in, I get the list with all my entries and not just the entries for this specific website.. I need to close and open the extension again to finally only see the entries for this specific website!
  11. Hey! Finally the chromebook extension, thank you so much, but there is one problem I have with it: I can't set a shortcut to autofill automatically.. With the "default" enpass chrome extension I can set an own shortcut and enable "autofill without showing the enpass assistant" - and bam, I only need to press my shortcut to autofill. And I can't use the arrow keys to go to an entry (to click enter to autofill it).. Right now with a chromebook without touch, it's a bit annoying
  12. Hey, since one of the latest Enpass Updates my NVIDIA ShadowPlay "thinks" Enpass is a Game, so it's very buggy when I have Enpass and a real game open.
  13. Did you read your Audit? "It is important to note that because of the time constrains naturally involved during a Penetration Test exercise this project should not be considered a full security audit of the Enpass apps and their API in scope, nor should it be thought of as a compromise it" "The audience of this report should be aware that a malicious actor, capable of committing extended time and with enough resources may find new attack vectors or vulnerabilities that could allow it to eventually compromise the security of the Enpass apps and their API in scope"
  14. I hope you will bring back the Chromebooks version as you promised me on twitter ..
  15. I'm currently waiting for my Chromebook to arrive. Is the current Enpass 6 Beta still working with Chrome OS? If not, will the final version be also available for Chrome OS?
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