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  1. djohannes

    Enpass 6 on Chrome OS

    I'm currently waiting for my Chromebook to arrive. Is the current Enpass 6 Beta still working with Chrome OS? If not, will the final version be also available for Chrome OS?
  2. djohannes

    Can't buy premium features on Desktop

    It works but why do you want Windows Users to pay for stuff Mac and Linux users get for free? On Linux I get it there is no one store for all where you could get the money from, but Mac? You know the Mac Appstore?
  3. Features which are free on Mac (where you could do this with the Mac AppStore) and Linux are paid features on windows? Good bye Enpass!
  4. djohannes

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Do I get this right? To get dark theme, .. on Windows you need to pay and on Mac you get this for free?
  5. I can't buy the premium features to get things like dark mode
  6. When I'm trying to buy the premium features on the windows 10 store version enpass 6 beta I only get an error. "PEX-CatalogAvailabilityDataNotfound"
  7. Hi, I am on linux with chrome and I have the dark mode activated (my gnome desktop is set to dark, and gnome uses system design). With that dark mode the enpass6 icon is hardly visible, because it isn't optimized for that, but that optimization is also possible for chrome extensions, e.g. my google keep extension uses a different theme when dark mode is on. Also the enpass extension for firefox is looking better with dark mode on, so that optimization needs to come to the chrome extension too, please :)
  8. I have a new Pixel 2 with Android P and installed Enpass. When I click on "existing database" -> "OneDrive" the app crashes. It's working with all the other options, only OneDrive doesn't.
  9. I added this icon: After clicking on save the "title" of the item looks like that: I think this is a bug
  10. With the old Enpass I couldn't use the Google Drive sync anymore because I activated Google's Advanced Account Protection Program so third parties can't see my storage. Now with Enpass 6 the Google Drive sync is working without any problem, only that I can't see an Enpass Folder in my drive anymore. How exactly is this new Enpass 6 syncing working? Is it like with e.g. whatsapp where you use the "appDataFolder" so you do not need the permission to see all my data? If this is the case how can I delete Enpass files from my google drive if I can't see the folder anymore? But thank you for doing this in a "Google's Advanced Account Protection"-friendly way! I was stuck to dropbox for the sync, now it's back on my protected google drive - And I think many of the Advanced Protection users will also use a password manager
  11. I don't know if there is any option for this, I didn't found any. I really love windows hello for the app and especially for the browser extension, but this "one extra mouse click" to activate windows hello is annoying. I usually have set a shortcut for enpass in the browser and for the app. Now I can press the shortcut and start typing in my password or PIN but I can't instantly use my Fingerprint to unlock. I need to use my mouse to click on the hello icon to start the process and this really sucks. If it's not possible to do this with an additional interaction, why no "key" for that or why not something like: When you didn't type any char / number but you are pressing "enter" it starts windows hello? If it is possible but you think it can annoy some people, why don't do this as an option for users who wants that? And btw on my PC with a TPM chip I still need to type my password after reboot, this isn't the case with the UWP app. Is this planned too? Thats my feedback for windows hello, thanks for that nice feature and for enpass 6 general.
  12. I use STRG+< (German qwertz keyboard) - on Chrome, Edge and the old Firefox version it was not a problem. And I use Windows 10 and the current newest version of enpass for Windows 7+ PCs
  13. Will there be firefox v57 support in bridged version anytime? I want to use bridged version, edge and the firefox v57 extension.
  14. I selected a shortcut for enpass in the enpass settings, but in firefox 57 the shortcut is not working. Are you working on this bug?
  15. djohannes

    Edge Extension UI Dark Theme Support

    It's possible, other extensions don't have this problem.