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  1. Prompted by this discussion I downloaded and installed the free FontAwesome 5 fonts: Brands Regular, Free Regular and Free Solid. Reopened Enpass and it made no difference. I'm on 6.0.2, build 240, no updates currently available. This is really unacceptable. Surely Enpass has been provided with enough info here to recreate and debug the problems of their own making? Also unacceptable is a dependency on a 3rd party product that has to be installed separately, especially when that dependency is unstated. This just looks unprofessional from start to finish. And all this time the Windows app takes quite a bit of figuring out with no icons. I really don't like anything about Enpass 6, it's only served to renew my desire to find a decent open source cross platform password manager. Edit: Confirming that problem persists in latest release 6.0.3 (build 263).
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