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  1. Unfortunately the new update (6.0.3) didn't fix any of my issues. I tried to import again and the result is exactly the same.
  2. Hi I'm about to switch from 1Password to Enpass (on macOS). Unfortunately I'm having some trouble importing my data from 1Password into Enpass. I exported it to the 1PIF format and successfully imported this file into Enpass. But I noticed that some properties are not imported properly. Sometimes an entry is missing the website property, meaning the URL where those credentials are used at. It is skipped completely. And the timestamps from 1Password aren't imported as well. The data.1pif file does contain the values createdAt and updatedAt which Enpass should use, but the imported entry in Enpass always shows the time of when it was imported. I would much prefer the original values to be restored. Entries containing TOTPs also don't show up correctly in Enpass. The key is imported but I have to manually recreate it as a TOTP field for it to show the six digit authentication code. The following is an example export file from 1Password which reproduces all of these issues (I obfuscated username and password). {"uuid":"803B0E883AF54E88A1752C536FA5FC57","updatedAt":1548268955,"locationKey":"fu-berlin.de","securityLevel":"SL5","openContents":{"faveIndex":1000},"faveIndex":1000,"contentsHash":"88049c01","title":"FU-Berlin","location":"https:\/\/identity.fu-berlin.de","secureContents":{"fields":[{"value":"johnnyXXX","name":"username","type":"T","designation":"username"},{"id":";opid=__8","value":"passXXX","name":"userPassword","type":"P","designation":"password"},{"value":"Weiter","id":"submitInput;opid=__10","type":"I","name":"_eventId_submit"},{"value":"Zurück","id":";opid=__11","type":"I","name":"_eventId_back"},{"value":"Abbrechen","id":";opid=__12","type":"I","name":"_eventId_cancel"}],"htmlMethod":"LB1","sections":[{"fields":[{"k":"concealed","n":"TOTP_5CC0A7495EBC452BB1F3C316996BC67F","v":"abcdef","t":""}],"title":"","name":"Section_C64CC239B5A4406A9929896BE2341861"},{"title":"Verwandte Objekte","name":"linked items"}],"URLs":[{"url":"https:\/\/identity.fu-berlin.de"}]},"txTimestamp":1548268955,"createdAt":1548268100,"typeName":"webforms.WebForm"} ***5642bee8-a5ff-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66*** Thanks in advance
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