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    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Still broken in iOS version 6.0.4. I can't provide a demo account as I restricted access to my Synology from the internet (on purpose), sorry! (I only sync when I am in my WLAN at home.) For the time being I have to regularly reimport the vault file via non-WebDAV restore functionality to keep my passwords in sync. It's a pain in the *** so pls let us know as soon as you've fixed this @Anshu kumar. Thanks, Daniel
  2. Daniel.Muth

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Ok I managed to restore my passwords by using the backup functionality of the MacOS app, saving as a .enpassbackup file, which could then be imported by the iOS app and it also accepted the master password. Still the WebDAV syncing remains broken. :-(
  3. Daniel.Muth

    WebDAV sync + restore still broken in 6.0.3

    Since upgrading to Enpass 6 the WebDAV sync to my Synology DiskStation is broken and this still was not fixed by updating to 6.0.3. It worked perfectly fine for Enpass 5. I can log in with my Synology account but on syncing I still get error 904405. The folder structure on my Synology is home/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync The filename changed when upgrading to Enpass 6, previously it was sync_default.walletx. The Enpass 6 desktop apps for Windows and MacOS sync fine via folder sync to the new file. I also tried HTTP instead of HTTPS, still not working. However, what makes it even worse now is that I completely cleared the app data trying to restore the vault and configuring the sync afterwards to see if it helps (it didn't). If I try to restore the vault even with the Wifi feature or the file restore feature (by previously sending the vault via AirDrop to the iPhone's local storage), it says my master password is wrong! The same master password works fine for the same vault file on Windows and MacOS! Please help because right now I don't have any passwords on my iPhone because of this. :-(