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  1. Hi, ive bought Enpass Pro on my iPhone but I am not able to activate Premium Features on my MAC. When I click on restore purchase it says i havent bought Pro. If i click on Buy, irt says that In-App-Purchases are not supported. Id like to use the touchID feature.. what can I do? Thanks, Richard
  2. hey Anshu, thanks for your answer! you are right, thanks for the help! maybe you should add this info somewhere (or is it already somewhere haha) BR
  3. from my understanding it looks like 6.0.1 is not available in the repository. after trying apt-cache madison enpass i get 5.6.9 latest. unfortunately i cannot post it again, cause the spam protection thinks the enpass url is spam.
  4. yes I did, and when I install it with apt-get install enpass I always get 5.6.9
  5. Hi all, when trying to install Enpass 6.0.1 on Lubuntu following the guide on the Enpass Site (i think i cant post link cause im getting spam detection error), I always get version 5.6.9 instead of 6.0.1. Any hints? Thanks and Cheers, Richard
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