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  1. @Garima Singh   Same here... When calling the Edge Extension, Enpass cannot be unlocked via Windows hello, PIN entry also not possible. It is noticeable that the Windows Hello window flashes briefly and disappears again immediately, but the camera remains active until Enpass is completely closed manually (no more icon in the system tray).   On the second attempt, the Hello login window then remains open and login is possible. If I close Enpass completely again, the whole game starts all over again... 
    I use a Surface Book 3 with the latest operating system and the latest versions of the Enpass Manager (6.6.0 770)and the extension from the Store. 
    I believe this behaviour has been occurring since 6.6....  so far the whole thing has worked wonderfully... hope you can help....

  2. Hi Anshu,

    same here…

    OS: Windows 10 (1809)  and OSX Mojave (-> both Desktop versions…. IOS works fine…)

    Sync: OneDriveFile

    Format .pdf

    Entries  imported via 1PW Exchange File...

    Description: File menu (the three dots) shows "save" and "open"; after clicking open, a new window appears on the right side, but no document is shown, only  a lot of  "White" 

    To exclude importing issues, I've attached a new pdf to a new entry: in this case, the menu doesn't even provide an "open", only "save" is shown…   IOS works fine too in this case…

    Hope, this will help…



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