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  1. HL have a two page login process. The first requires a username and a date of birth. Not a password at this stage. The second page asks for more credentials. I tried to login as normal, hoping that enpass would recognise this and save the first page details. It does not. No prompt pops up. When I move to the next page for login, I can see "Save web form" as an option on the extension, but it does not seem to do anything - no new entry is created and I am unable to "edit" any webform saved details to make enpass match the fields and autofill. First login page is: https://online.hl.co.uk/my-accounts/login-step-one Second page asks for password and three different digits from a number you create. OS: W7 x64 Enpass v 6.6.1 (809) Plugin to Opera: 6.6.0
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