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    IOS Tags Don't Work

    Steps I take to add a tag: Open login item. Click Edit Scroll down to Tag area Enter Tag Click Save Re-open item and tag is no longer there.
  2. DavidL

    AutoFill TOTP

    I still can't figure out how this works in IOS. Here are the steps I currently have to take: Click link in Enpass to launch a site. Enpass auto fills user name and password. Screen appears to enter 2 factor authentication code Exit screen with code field; open i Message app; copy code; return to screen with code field and paste in code. Is there a simpler way?
  3. DavidL

    2 Factor Authentication

    When Ilog into a site that requires 2 factor authentication, a screen appears with a field to enter the code sent to me via text. Is there any way to automatically enter that code.? Now I have to go to my messaging app, copy the code, return to the screen with the code field, and paste in the code.
  4. Is there a way to automatically enter the 2 factor authentication code for a website. Here are the steps I currently take on my IPhone: Open Enpass. Select the site I want to log into. Click the website link to open the website Enter my username/email. Put the cursor in the password field. This brings up a section just above my keyboard that says - for this website - Enpass. If I click that section, it automatically enters my password for that site. Then I click Sign In and a field appears to enter a code. Next I have to open my message app to get the code, copy it, and return to the screen where I can paste it into the code field. It seems there ought to be a way for that code to appear on screen so I can click it and have it automatically populate the code field. That's how it works in 1Password. Is that feature not available in Enpass?
  5. DavidL

    [Solved] How does TOTP work in Enpass?

    Since you've figured out how to use TOTP in Enpass, would you mind sharing your solution? Enpass sometimes copies the 2FA code that I can then paste in, but at other times it doesn't. I'd like to avoid having to open my messages every time I need a code.