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  1. just wondering if anyone had feedback on these points .... would be greatly appreciated ....
  2. hello, I'm looking to migrate to something more up to date than what I have now (Ascendo Datavault). I have some questions, any feedback or answers is greatly appreciated .... thank you i like the notion of having seperate vaults, but don't like how i cannot use the same cloud service. any plans for that to be changed in the near future ? i have no problem buying the individual platform apps (windows/mac/ios/android), but noticed on this forum that it seems when a new version comes out, i must pay to upgrade ? if i choose not to pay to upgrade, are software updates to fix bugs or security issues still pushed to the version(s) i own, for how long ? are there various encryption options i can choose for my vault ? what are the size limitations of any attachments, are there limitations to what file types can be stored ? with datavault, i have a direct device-to-device sync option (while both devices are connected to wifi), does enpass have that also (example: sync enpass on phone to enpass desktop app) ? i did notice that in the iOS app i could not apply Tags to items I created, but on the desktop app i was able to and those tags sync'd to the items and appeared in the iOS app, is that a bug ? Thanks .... i plan to trial enpass side-by-side with datavault for some months before i am comfortable enough switching over completely. time is the best test to get a good feel for the app's usefulness and value.
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