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  1. Is it possible to lock a browser extension to specific vaults only? I use multiple browsers / chrome profiles and multiple vaults. It would be great if there was an option to lock these to only be able to read specific vaults. For example, I don't want my work chrome profile or browser reading from my non-work vault and vice versa.
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    Security audit

    I've been following Enpass for a while but have never seen a need to comment on the forum since I was waiting for a security audit before purchasing. I work in this area and I want to clarify a few things on here: First of all, the disclaimer "It is important to note that because of the time constrains naturally involved during a Penetration Test exercise this project should not be considered a full security audit", is standard. You're unlikely to going to find someone who is going to declare something secure and take ownership of any vulnerabilities that are found. By thei
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