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  1. Hello, after a lot of trying Reconnect ONLY works, if Edge is the default browser. I've changed my default browser from vivaldi to edge and now it works - edge shows the authorication-website... Havn't this problem before with vivaldi or other browsers.
  2. Hello, after update 6.4.0 connection to onedrive is lost. Reconnect doesn't work, because the authorication-/login-form for OneDrive is not shown. What can i do?
  3. Hello, after updating enpass to the last version 6.3.1, enpass crashes on my iPad mini 2019 immidiatly after start. No possibility to enter touch Id or password. Closing app or restart of iPad mini doesn't help. Same version on my iPhone 7 (IOS 13.2.3) and on my desktop PC (Windows 10, September Update) is working without problems. IOS Version 13.2.3 Enpass 6.3.1 (pro user) Any idea which I can try without reinstalling to get access to my passwords on iPad mini? I don't want to reinstall without a fresh backup... Greetings HP
  4. Hello, it seems to me, that since last update of enpass (Windows store version 6.0.4 (268)) sync with OneDrive is broken. I use enpass on my PC, notebook and iPhone. Everytime I add a password on any device and sync with OneDrive, I got a "Sync Error - Conflict in syncing data with OneDrive.". After resolving the error by merging, the error shows again on the next change I made - even if I do it only on my PC (all other devices are off at this moment...). Disconnecting und reconnecting doesn't solve the problem. Do you have any recommendations, what I can do?
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