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  1. Thank you all. I bought 2 new android phones yesterday, for my wife and me. I then installed Enpass on both of them. On my own phone Enpass Pro works fine, as this is the email for which Enpass was registered. On my wife's phone (with her own email address) I also installed Enpass - but using my email address. I can see that I have 100+ entries, but only 20 are displayed as it is not pro. Does this not work like that?
  2. No... I don't think so... There was no fee from 5 to 6 on Windows, so what's on Android?
  3. Hello I used Enpass 5 on an older Android 4.4 Tablet and bought a new device with Android 8. When installing Enpass with the same licence than before, it asks me to buy the Pro version again. I thought the update is free?
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