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  1. I am looking for a solution to the problem of using Enpass locally between iPads, iPhone and MacBook Pro.  

    Whilst using the iPads, I've employed my own hosted WebDav but again the management of such a server requires time and effort unlike iCloud, OneDrive for Business or local Folder.

    Cloud sync would be good if it is a Trusted store such as Apple or Microsoft. But do we really 'trust' these big corps with our password data?  

    I would like to build a cross platform WebDav for secure password management for people to use solely for this purpose only.  Who would be interested?

    I'm thinking deploying WebDav on a Swiss Server, designing a web interface for Enpass and then syncing between devices through WI or SSH.  

    I've tested WebDav and EnPass on Digital Ocean before but it's a lot to manage. 

    Any other solutions to secure cloud password storage?

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