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  1. @rblaa Is is still working for you? For me it works for a while after machine reboots and then again stops working at some point. I am not 100% sure on this, just my wild guess, but I think the new Enpass 6.2.0 feature that erases password from clipboard is causing issues. Of course it is more secure to have this feature but I'd be ready to give it up in favor of making Enpass usable.
  2. Thank you @Anshu kumar Are there any updates on this issue? This is making Enpass completely unusable. If I cannot copy and paste passwords, it completely defeats purpose of a password manager
  3. macOS 10.14.6 enpass 6.2.0 (538) from App Store
  4. I have been observing for a few days now that copying fields from Enpass does not really put it on macOS clipboard. When I try to paste what was copied in Enpass, nothing gets pated. I use an app called "Paste" on macOS to maintain clipboard history but that is not a problem. I have tried copy-pasting with my clipboard manager app not running. This has been happening from both browser extension as well as macOS desktop app. If I reboot my mac, everything works fine until it stops working again. Anybody seeing this or know a solution to this problem? This is such a deal breaker feature and is compelling me to evaluate other password managers.
  5. Hi, I recently moved from Android to iOS. I had Pro on Android but I cannot find a way to bring that over to iOS. I use macOS as well. I remember using enpass premium on macOS when I had purchased it on Android. No separate payment was needed for macOS once it was purchased on Android. Do I need to pay $11.99 for each iOS and macOS to keep using enpass? Do I need to pay once via iTunes to get it on both iOS and macOS or can I bring over my premium account from Android to Apple platforms? Thanks.
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