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  1. Managed to get this working.. you can only restore a wifi created backup when you initially Install Enpass 6.0.4.xx.. I re-installed 6.0.4 onto another windows 10 PC and restored from the .ENPASSBACKUP file created by my Android phone.. it restored fine.. I can then EXPORT this as a .txt file if I wish.. all seems to work fine.. This is not ideal as you have to blow away you Enpass database each time you want to manually restore a backup file.. I suspect there are lots of users who use this method rather than syncing, what could be very sensitive passwords, via a public cloud proxy.. Enpass Engineers.. can you please add back the restore option into the Enpass 6.0.4 console so that users who use this method of manual sync don't have to blow away their database each time in order to restore a backup.. Thanks. Paul.
  2. I am over writing an existing. Enpass database with a wifi Enpass backup file. Thanks. Paul.
  3. How do I restore a wifi backup file to Enpass running on Windows 10? There used to be a restore option but this no longer exists in the console. Thanks, Paul.
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