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  1. You can see screenshot from my Dell Latitude 5490 below. As you can see main application interface is extremely big — I believe it is related to icon size issue. UPDATE: I use latest version. .
  2. I have similar issues on all my laptops Dell Latitude 5490, 14", 1920x1080 Dell XPS 9560, 15", 3840x2160 But at the same time it looks ok on my HP 250 G6 on its internal display and external monitor as well — 15", 1920x1080 All three laptops has Linux Mint 19.3 with all updates installed. I have been using enpass almost for a year:-) I will be glad to provide you with all necessary information.
  3. Hi! Could you please update system tray icon size according to display resolution? It looks really ugly now.
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