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  1. Silent/Unattended Installation

  2. Silent/Unattended Installation

    Hi, might've found a new bug with this. The current version of the installer (Enpass v5.6.5) does not create the start menu shortcuts for all users. I'm using the following command line: Enpass_5.6.5_Setup.exe /ALLUSER /S Which is run as the SYSTEM user. Start menu shortcuts seem to only be created for the user who runs the installation. The silent uninstallation bug seems fixed though.
  3. Silent/Unattended Installation

    So I will have to wait until an eventual 5.7.0 or a 5.6.1? Thanks for your quick reply!
  4. Silent/Unattended Installation

    Hi, I tested those commands you mentioned, and installing works beautifully, uninstalling gives me that pesky dialogue you can see in the attached screenshot. Is there any way to just give the command to uninstall without any confirmation windows? (Similar to /qn for MSI Installation Packages) The script I'm running extracts the UninstallString from the Windows registry and then appends the silent parameters to that string before running it, as you should be able to see in the command prompt window. Thanks for your help!
  5. Silent/Unattended Installation

    I'll try that tomorrow or so and reply back. Thanks alot for the information, @Anshu kumar
  6. Silent/Unattended Installation

    @Anshu kumar Any statement? It's been 2 months without ANY reaction by anybody. Sincerely An upset Customer
  7. Browser Extension not working in Firefox Nightly (FF57)

    Which version of Firefox are you running?
  8. Silent/Unattended Installation

    Hello, I'd like to make Enpass for Windows available for our clients at university to install on their work computers using a software deployment solution like Microsoft SCCM. For that I'd like to know how I can convince Enpass to install and uninstall silently, that is to say without any user interaction or user interface. I need to know the parameters I'd have to pass to the Enpass installer to perform such a silent/unattended installation. Kind Regards Sven
  9. Great that the new WebExtension is finally in beta/available for public testing. I'd advise you to link to this thread in the thread on Firefox 57+ compatibility in the Browser Extension forum. This is in my opinion a bad idea, because it means that the Enpass WebExtension would not be synced with Firefox Sync, which means users would have to download the extension on all their devices manually, which is, frankly, a bit uncomfortable. Enpass Beta v5.5.9 seems to be released on the beta PPA for (Ubuntu/)Linux as well, and also connects beautifully with the Firefox WebExtension (tested on Linux Mint 18.2, with Firefox Nightly 57.0a1 and Enpass Beta v5.5.9. Kind regards Sven aka niemalsnever
  10. Browser Extension not working in Firefox Nightly (FF57)

    @uahummer Thanks for the quote. Interestingly that topic was opened 4 days after mine, so I did not see it.
  11. Browser Extension not working in Firefox Nightly (FF57)

    Any comment from the Enpass Team here?
  12. Hi, unfortunately Enpass currently doesn't work in Firefox Nightly. This might be expected, but I still wanted to make you aware of the issue. Also starting with Firefox 57, Mozilla will change its add-on technology. All add-ons that are not migrated by the time Firefox 57 releases to the public (November 2017) will stop working. (See also: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-add-technology-modernizing?as=u&utm_source=inproduct) OS: Linux Mint 18.2 (based on Ubuntu 16.04) Browser: Firefox Nightly 57 (2017-08-04) 64-bit Enpass Version: 5.5.6 Enpass Add-On Version: 5.4.3 Kind regards, Sven
  13. Hi, I'd really appreciate it, if I were able to access Enpass "Mini" outside the browser on Linux, like it's already possible with MacOS (and presumably Windows). I don't want to have to use a full-blown desktop app just to look up a single password. (Using Linux Mint 18.1, Cinnamon Desktop (Gnome 3 derivative), Enpass (beta))
  14. Hi, I'd like to suggest providing an option in Enpass (or the settings for the browser extension) to switch from displaying the most recent items to displaying the items marked as favorites in the browser extension. I only very rarely use the Enpass Desktop application, so marking items as favorites currently doesn't have much benefit for me in daily use. If you made the items I consider most important available in the browser-extension at all times, the favorites feature would actually be useful for me.
  15. Hi, for some reason the Enpass Browser Extension correctly detects the amazon.de login page, but the page where you have to enter the TOTP code is not recognized correctly, so the list of items to choose from in the extension is not pre-filtered to only show amazon, or matching items. This means everytime I log in to amazon, I have to search for the amazon.de item I want to use manually in the list of all items, to get the TOTP code, which is tiresome. I use Enpass (Beta), with Enpass Extension 5.3.4 and Firefox 52. Thanks in advance for looking into this issue, please don't hesitate to ask if you need further info.