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  1. On 8/9/2017 at 6:12 AM, Lapidary said:

    I doubt they CAN do this.  SQL Cipher is a way to encrypt a whole database with one key.  Multiple users means multiple keys.

    I think it can be done even if SQL Cipher is not supporting multiple keys.

    Take full disk encryption in multi user environment as an example.
    Disk content is encrypted with single master key. MK is never revealed to users and is encrypted with each user personal key. When you access the disk your personal key is used to retrieve MK and MK is used to access the data. This makes multi user access, user management (adding, removing) and password change possible without requiring re-encryption of the data.


    Btw this feature is #1 in my personal wish list and would be a huge selling point for the Enpass. Think about what option it would open if single vault could be shared among team/family/group members without revealing the master key.

  2. +1 from me as well.

    Also Webdav sync config on current version (6.0.6) is sort of black hole. Once you hit the save button there is no way to update or even see the settings.

    Workaround is to disconnect and start over.

    From UX perspective I would like to see Webdav  (or any other sync option) config stored side by side with other entries in the vault.

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  3. +1 from me as well.

    Yubikey is working well in offline environment. I don't see any technical reason why U2F or challenge-response mode would not be suitable for the Enpass.
    I agree - for redundancy there has to be second option to open vault besides Yubikey (or any other hardware token). Otherwise loosing HW token would render your vault inaccessible.
    It could be master password, second HW token, etc.

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