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  1. Hello, FInally I succeeded to import data (exported as json from another Enpass install on a windows workstation). Then I also succeeded to configure synchronisation using webdav config (I didn't try dropbox). Now I am back to the my initial problem after the first upgrade from V5.9 to V6.0: I don't have any catégory nor any template. How can I export/import categories and templates?
  2. No help? I can't continue using Enpass. I will swith to another app. Bye
  3. Still no answer? I tried to restore data from a backup file generated by Enpass 6 on another desktop. I have the error: "invalid file" Anything to do that can help? Is there any logs i can actviate to help you investigate?
  4. Hello, I first installed Enpass6 over Enpass5. Then I had Enpass running after all the problems I explained but without any label. Then I uninstalled Enpass 5 and reinstalled Enpass 6 and now there is a crash when I try to synchronise through Dropbox. No it doesn't solve the problem.
  5. It is a nightmare since I get the version 6.0.x of enpass. I lost a lot of time to make it run on Ubuntu. 1) I had a segmentation fault if Enpass is not ran as root. Solution was to create a script to initialize some envirronment variables (see bashScript.png, solution found on this forum in several threads). 2) To be able to sync I also had to update the desktop shortcut in /usr/share/applications/enpass.desktop. During the synchronisation, the default internet browser is started and ask for a connexion to dropbox in order to autorise enpass access. if the desktop shorcut is not correct, the browser fails to run "reconnect" to enpass and start synchronisation process. See EnpassDesktop.png After editing the .desktop file, remove all existing copy of enpass.desktop of it in ~/.local/share/applications/ 3) after aplying the procedure found on this forum to migrate the data file created with the old version of enpass, i had another issue: there was no labels on existing items. I don't have any category. 4) I tried to reinstall enpass to workaround the problem 3, and now I have a crash during the synchronisation process (see CrashEnpass.png) Apparently I am not the only having all these issues. I don't know what to do to solve this. Anybody to help?
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