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  1. Treat me in the "almost dumb" category. Background. I use three different Win 10 laptops depending on work I am doing (home based). I have used KeePass for years with database stored on OneDrv. Access via phone and laptops have not been a problem. Discovered Enpass. Laptop #1 was first extension install - results good thus I am happy. Next, Laptop #2 updated with the Chrome enpass extension. From this point all goes wrong. Laptop #2 I "Restore from Cloud" to OneDrv. Forever looking. Laptop #1 has data stored locally without a function to have data stored (say) on OneDrv. Backup has been defined to OneDrove>Backup>enpass. Now. I simply don't know where to go from here. My objective: Have access from mobile and each laptop to enpass data. Thank you
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