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  1. On 2/14/2021 at 12:45 PM, Volkx said:

    After rebooting Enpass login only works after stopping it via task manager and then restarting

    Enpass was starting up fine for over a year until about 1 week ago. Now, only after rebooting, Enpass starts up with the 'unlock with windows hello' screen, but without the usual additional prompt to scan my fingerprint. I also do not get any other options to enter the master password instead. My only work around is to go into the Windows Task Manager, stop the Enpass process there and then restart Enpass - then it works as before! I am not aware of any major system updates in the last few days that could have caused this. Grateful for any help on the matter


    I have the exact same problem on my computer for some days, maybe one week.
    Enpass received a small update on Feb 6th (6.60.770.0) via Microsoft Store.
    Windows 10 20H2 too on Feb 9th (KB4601050).
    Is it liked to some of these updates?
    I don't know but I saw that connecting on Windows via fingerprint/Hello turned a bit erratic these last days...


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  2. Hello,

    Thanks for this awesome app, I love it!!!

    Unfortunately, since version 6.x, sync with Google drive doesn't work.

    In Enpas, I click on "configure sync" in parameters, then "Google drive", then it opens a page in Firefox "Enpass would like to: Have offline access", I click on "Allow", it seems to confirm for a second, but immediately redirects to the url "enpassauth://googledrive/?scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.appdata&state=security_token_sinew&code=***************"  (code hidden by me), which creates an error in Firefox "the url have not been recognized".


    Firefox 65.0.1 with Ublock origin 1.18.6 desactivated on this page


    Kunbuntu 18.10


    Kind Regards,


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