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  1. Thanks a lot Anshu for your support, I'll be happy to co-operate to help solving it!
  2. Hello, Thanks for this awesome app, I love it!!! Unfortunately, since version 6.x, sync with Google drive doesn't work. In Enpas, I click on "configure sync" in parameters, then "Google drive", then it opens a page in Firefox "Enpass would like to: Have offline access", I click on "Allow", it seems to confirm for a second, but immediately redirects to the url "enpassauth://googledrive/?scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.appdata&state=security_token_sinew&code=***************" (code hidden by me), which creates an error in Firefox "the url have not been recognized". Firefox 65.0.1 with Ublock origin 1.18.6 desactivated on this page Enpass Kunbuntu 18.10 Kind Regards, Aurélien
  3. Latest version solved the same problem for me too! Thanks a lot!
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