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  1. Yup seems to be working for me as well. Thanks for the quick fix Enpass crew!
  2. @Anshu kumar Absolutely will do, happy to help you any way I can to get this resolved. If for some reason I miss any post in here, feel free to e-mail me (I assume you can get my address from this account).
  3. Hi, my apologies forgot to include that. Kubuntu 18.04.1 with KDE Plasma 5.12.7
  4. Hi, Everytime I try to logout/reboot/shutdown I have to press logout/reboot/shutdown twice before computer actually doing the requested action because on the first try I get a notification saying "Logout canceled by /opt/Enpass/Enpass". Please see attached screenshot. Can I rectify this myself or is this a bug with Enpass? Regards, Mattias
  5. @Vinod Kumar Thanks, I was able to restore a backup, and setup sync this way. However, when trying to setup backup settings thing seem to go iffy. At first I was able to select a directory I wanted, but that turned out to be the wrong directory. When trying to change directory I can navigate to the directory I want and choose it, but nothing actually changes. The first directory selected remains as "Backup location" while the mouse cursor within Enpass is stuck as the equivalent of the time glass in Windows (can't describe how it looks in Linux). Mind you if I try to press "Back up now" with the first selected directory as "Backup location", nothing actually happens besides greying out the "Back up Now", "Restore" and "Delete" buttons and I have to restart Enpass to make them clickable again.
  6. @Akash Vyas: The share is mounted with a user with full access. I am able to copy files through the file manager, or write new files through the terminal. *edit Maybe I should add that the problem isn't that I'm not able to write to the folder, the share is not showing up at all inside Enpass when browsing for a location to backup/sync to.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to use Enpass with Elementary OS. I have a NAS where I backup and sync my Enpass vault to and from. However, when trying to use the Linux version of Enpass I can only browse local files and folders when selecting a folder to backup/sync to/from within Enpass. Is this an error on my end, or within Enpass? Thanks
  8. @Nikhil Kumar Wow, fast response. That's great to hear, thank you!
  9. Hello, I would also like this feature. Boggles my mind why it's not in from beginning. I'm using a NAS at home, syncing all my files with proprietary software. Why can't I use a local file that I synced manually(or with a 3rd party software)? This really is probably the only thing that keeps me from purchasing the Android app. Regards
  10. Hi, I just registered to say this is the feature I'm missing most right now. When I create new users on different websites, I want to be able to generate a new password within the browser, without having to open the native app. Also, I would slightly like to change @sdunnin's request. I do not want dialog popups, rather, I'd like to through the right-click Enpass browser menu to be able to notify Enpass before I submit the form that I want to "Save this instance of username/password combination to Enpass". Hopefully I make myself clear. Other than that I would like to give you a huge big up for the work with Enpass! It's a great application Regards
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