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  1. If I copy an Enpass generated password to my clipboard it does not persist in the Windows clipboard history (Win + V). I understand the concern about not copying into the cloud clipboard but that should be my choice whether or not to persist into my clipboard history. It's quite a hassle if I want to use that generated password beyond the next thing copied into the clipboard. It forced me to have to open up Notepad and immediately paste into there so I don't loose it.
  2. I have Enpass 6.0 installed and working with extensions for Chrome and FireFox, however, when turned on the extension for Edge I continually receive an error "Windows cannot access the specified device... You may not have the appropriate permissions..."
  3. When entering a username and password for a new site not yet stored in Enpass when you receive the "Save as new login in Enpass" dialog message. If you dismiss with "Not now" is there a way to save using the extension without logging out and back in to the site for Enpass to detect? I know you can add using the PC client version but I could not find the option to manually add with the extension. I was using Firefox and I presume it would be similar for the other browser extensions.
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