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  1. @Meister - I can confirm that that resolved the issue for myself. I believed my enpass was up to date since when checking for updates it was saying "Up to date". From the release notes of the new release though, it appears that this was probably intentional since you had to make a backup of your data due to the change in storage/sync location between the versions. Wish they would have released some stub update that would've just run and told you what to do at least, but I'm finally working again.Thanks!
  2. I have the exact same issue as Michiel, as well as having done basically the exact same steps to resolve the issue. According to the debug tools for the extension, I am getting repeated messages about failure to connect via the websocket: I've also gone ahead and emailed the betabugs@enpass address, but posting here to get more visibility. I also noted that in this forum that there is another thread about the extension not working for Mac originally posted in September, but now has a couple of other users posting within the last week regarding issues again. It appears that with the latest push of the browser extension for enpass that it broke connectivity.
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