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  1. Ok it seems there are two passwords? One in Vaults and one in Security. I am more confused now. Is the password in the vault supposed to be the one when you use it say when you buy a new phone, download Enpass and want to sync everything from the cloud to your device? And is the one in Security only the current device password when you are trying to access the vault or passwords?
  2. Hi. I am currently transitioning from keeping passwords synced with my google account to storing them on enpass. I want to change my master password from all my devices but I am not understanding what this actually means... "Warning: This will not change the password of the Enpass Auto Backup files and previous Manual Backup files saved by you in your device or cloud." So if anyone knows what is to be done before I change the password, please do let me know. I am just doing this as a precautionary measure since I don't want to get locked out of my devices and accounts. Thanks.
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