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  1. Hello, There are numerous problems on my enpass-6.x application on Linux Mint 18.3. 1. "Add Item" and "New Item" menu is empty, I cannot add any new items. image: p1_additem.png 2. "New Login" menu option is again displays empty list. When I add a new Template, it doesn't show up. image: p2_addlogin_template.png 3. Fieldnames are not shown when displaying in main window. image: p3_fieldname.png 4. Interestingly, the fieldnames are identified when displaying the same item from the toolbar. image: p4_fieldname_toolbar.png I tried 6.0.3 before and at the moment 6.0.6. The problem persists. I'm using Linux Mint 18.3, Sylvia, Cinnamon 64-bit. GPU Driver is nvidia-384.130-ubuntu0.16.04.2. Although I don't think it's relevant but I'm using 2 additional 1080p monitors as well as the main display on the laptop itself. Before you ask, I think my enpass wallet is intact because the same (Google Drive synchronized) db is in use on my Windows 10 PC (dual boot). The only problem is on Linux Mint 18.3 (which is based on ubuntu 16.04). I also tried setting up an empty wallet, with clean installation on my Mint 18 but the same problem (unable to add new item, not displaying field names etc) persists. I can add more details to help debugging the problem. Enpass 5.x series had no problems btw... Best.
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